Certificate Status:  ACTIVE

Certification NO: GCF1913-24

Company Name: Smart stone trading and contracting

Location:  Sultanate of Oman – Sohar, Falaj Al Qaba’il – The Fifth Phase of Sohar Industrial

(Velocity Green Energy LLC)        Irvine ,California , USA

 (Velocity Green Energy INC)   Montreal, Quebec , Canada

Standard:  ISO 14067:2018 Greenhouse gases Carbon footprint of products

Scope: Developing the highest-quality eco-friendly products on the market, aimed at absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere and ultimately reducing carbon footprints to zero. Our product range spans the entire spectrum of the building materials industry, including Veneer Stone, Terrazzo,Tile Adhesive, self-leveling concrete, as well as all Cementitious products And admixtures designed for concrete repair and enhancements

Issue Date: 16 April 2024

Expiry Date: 12 April 2027

Surveillance Audit 1: 12 April 2025

Surveillance Audit 2: 12 April 2026

Smart stone trading and contracting  GCF1913-24