Lifting inspection:

Lifting equipment general:

  • Wire rope and chain slings. Textile slings.
  • Shackles, eyebolts.
  •  Plate clamps, lifting beams.

Lifting machines manual:

  • Hand Chain Hoists.
  • Lever operated hoist.
  • Travelling trolleys.
  • Hand operated winches.

Lifting Machines power:

  • Electric Hoists.
  • Power feed systems.
  • Motors and electrical control systems.
  • Protective devices.
  • Pneumatic hoists.

Runways and crane structures:

  • Runways.
  • Cranes structures and surveys.
  • Mobile lifting gantries.
  • Swing jib cranes.

Overhead travelling cranes:

  • Overhead travelling and portal cranes.
  • Bridge and hoist construction.
  • Braking system.
  • Through examination criteria.
  • Wire rope examination criteria.

Forklift Inspection:

  •  Lifting points in the forklift.

Non Distractive Test (NDT)

UT Inspection:

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges are measuring instruments for non-destructive investigation of a material‘s thickness and measure wall thickness and corrosion of all metals, including steel and aluminum, plastic, ceramics and others.

UT shear wave or A-scan testing transmits an ultrasonic wave at a predetermined angle into the test material. Surfaces normal to the beam path and corner traps reflect the wave energy back to the transducer. The display shows the distance the wave traveled to the imperfection and relative strength of the energy.

Ultrasonic Hardness test IQS can provide the ultrasonic hardness tester with certified and qualified engineers along with a completed report.

Ultrasonic Material & coating thickness gauge IQS Manufactured by Dakota, multimode for thickness measurements or pit and flaw detection, Two-channels: dual pulsers and receivers, coating thickness measurements, display update 25 times per second ,temperature compensated ,meter range : 0.025 to 19.99 inches ; 0.001 to 0.100 inches  (coating thickness) resolution :± 0.001 inches Adjustable gain setting ,32Mb storage capacity store up to 64 custom setups.

IQS provides an UT gauge or shear wave or hardness tester inspection as required by the client along with a certified and qualified engineers supplying all required details in the result report contain all measurements for all inspected point in detailed .