IQS Competence evaluation with Accredited Personnel Certification

International Quality Services IQS is a member of International Personnel Certification Association IPC which is a full member & signatory of International Accreditation Forum IAF.

IQS is providing personnel certification in 2 main schemes:

IPC Certified Management Systems Auditors: http://www.ipcaweb.org/ipc_documents/IPC_PL_11_006_MS%20Auditors_issue_7.03.pdf and IPC Certified Management Systems Managers https://www.ipcaweb.org/ipc_documents/IPC-PL-14-04%20issue%203.pdf.

As an accredited Personnel Certification Body IQS is systems conforms to the ISO 17024 requirements and to check any information regarding current and valid certification, please contact us at: info@iqs-ltd.com.

Global markets are in need of competences that can be compared at a global level. Personnel certification ensures that the skills of your employees, suppliers or service and dealer networks can be compared independent of their location. For providers of training, independent neutral testing increases the value of their own offerings while simultaneously benefiting participants by means of business-related recognized certificates.

We offer personnel certification as an independent competence evaluation. Certification of competencies improves confidence in your processes.

Take advantage of what we have to offer and develop a solution with us for your global challenges.

This personal and institutional separation of training and examination provides you with an independent evaluation of competences. Our employees are also obliged to reveal any reasons they might have to be biased. Permanent risk assessment of the influences affecting our certification procedures create optimal conditions for the certification of your competence.

IQS Brand

International Quality Services IQS stands for quality, value and credibility.


Our recertification procedures guarantee that your competences are updated continuously. The effectiveness of training investments can be measured by means of neutral assessment of the results achieved. Communication of quickly developing key competence.