Certification NO: QC1696-23

Company Name: American Consulting Experts Corp.

Location:14914 Stonelick Bridge LN , Sugar Land, Texas, 77498

Saudi Arabia :Branch of American Consulting Experts SAL Offshore

Riyad, Al Muhammadiyah Di, King Fahd, 7008 , 11

 Arabia Standard:  ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System

Scope: Designing and delivering consulting projects and training programs to  upgrade corporate skills ranging from HR & talent development skills, data analytics, digital transformation, digital marketing & social media skills, software solutions, cyber security, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, retail & corporate banking skills, to project management skills, and ISO, OHSAS/ OSHA, QHSE and ERP framework

Issue Date: 8 May 2023

Expiry Date: 4 May 2026

Surveillance Audit 1: 8 May 2024

Surveillance Audit 2: 8 May 2025

American Consulting Experts Corp  QC1696-23