Certification NO: GS1537-22

Company Name: Elife detergent factory

Location: New Industrial Area Zone 81, Street 23, building 299, PO Box 60195 , Qatar

Standard: GREEN SEAL GS-37

Scope: Manufacture of liquid and powder Detergents (Dish wash, Hand wash, Clothes laundry, Fabric softener, All-purpose cleaner, Carpet shampoo, Car shampoo, Glass cleaner, Oven cleaner, Floor cleaner), Disinfecting (Chlorine, Acids), Hygienic and Antiseptic chemical Products (Hand sanitizer, Surface sanitizer, Floor and Surface Antiseptic), Bacterial Hand Wash, Glass and Window Cleaner, Liquid Bleach, Toilet Cleaner, Degrease.

Issue Date: 03 July 2022

Expiry Date: 01 July 2025

Surveillance Audit 1: 03 July 2023

Surveillance Audit 2: 03 July 2024

Elife detergent factory  GS1537-22