Certification NO: FS1305-21

Company Name: Mahmoud Establishment for Trade and Industry

Location: Albourjein – Iklim Al kharroub-  Mount Lebanon – Lebanon

Standard: ISO 22000:2018  Food Safety Management System

Scope: Importing, exporting, manufacturing, trading and packaging: vinegar, molasses (all types) flavored water, syrup, tahini, powder mixes – pickles, olives and olive oil, sweet, thyme, Sumac, kashk, Turkish Raha , municipality, pomegranate molasses jams, carob powder

* Specialized in the production of molasses

Issue Date: 10 July 2021

Expiry Date: 2 July 2024

Surveillance Audit 1: 10 July 2022

Surveillance Audit 2: 10 July 2023

Mahmoud Establishment FS1305-21