Certification NO: FS1206-23

Company Name: Global Foods s.a.l

Location:Al Oumara Bldg, Khaldeh Main Road, Lebanon

Standard: ISO 22000:2018  Food Safety Management System

Scope: Production, packing and delivery of Arabic bread, Tannour, markouk, breadsticks, crackers, flat crispy bread and other baked items, pastries, chocolate, rice cake, pasta, gluten free pasta, gluten free cookies, gluten free non gmo kaak and other gluten free products, cereal bars, jams, and repackaging of grains, seeds, flours & dry mixes, confectionary items, peanut butter and syrups

Issue Date: 12 Sept 2023 (First Certification 2017)

Expiry Date: 08 Sept 2026

Surveillance Audit 1: 12 Sept 2024

Surveillance Audit 2: 12 Sept 2025

Global Foods FS1206-23