Certification NO: EN1636-22

Company Name: SHAFT s.a.r.l

Location: LEBANON

Standard: ISO 50001:2018 Energy management System

Scope: power house gensets, generators ,complete genset installation systems, sound proofing,  ATS, TOTALIZING Boards, Synchronizing System, PLC load management +fuel efficiency, Load add/shed, Scada and monitoring Systems, Smart systems for monitoring through internet and GSM, Maintenance and preventive maintenance, Switchboards, MCC, Type tested Switchgears, Medium voltage transformer and medium voltage switchgears and medium voltage synchronizing system ,smoke and fire curtains

Issue date:                               2/Nov/ 2022

Surveillance Audit 1:            2/Nov/ 2023

Surveillance Audit 2:          2/Nov/ 2024

Expiry Date:                          1/Nov/ 2025

SHAFT EN1636-22