Certification from IQS is considered a mark of quality excellence in many industries. It helps you advance your career, and boosts your organization’s bottom line through your mastery of quality skills. Becoming certified as a Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence confirms your commitment to quality and the positive impact it will have on your organization.

The Certified Quality Manager (CQM) leads and champions process improvement initiatives—that can have regional or global focus—in various service and industrial settings. CQM facilitates and leads team efforts to establish and monitor customer/supplier relations, supports strategic planning and deployment initiatives, and helps develop measurement systems to determine organizational improvement.

Educational Requirements

Depending on the employer’s preference, certified quality managers should have at least an associate’s degree in quality management or similar training. CQMs with a bachelor’s degree in engineering or business can obtain more job opportunities due to their four-year degree. Some of the college courses that students can take include math, statistics, computer-aided design, and science. It also helps if CQMs have some experience on a production floor analyzing quality control methods.


certified quality managers should obtain certification to develop their professional skills. Quality managers without a degree who are looking to get certified should have at least ten years of professional experience. Managers with a degree need to prepare for the exam by studying the body of knowledge. The exam consists of two parts, an essay response and multiple-choice, and takes about four hours to complete. IQS offers practice exams, reference lists, books, and training to help individuals prepare for the exam. It is also recommended that certified quality managers be re-certified every three years to keep their skills current.

Want to prepare for the CQM exam, but don’t have the time or money for a classroom course? This self-paced course helps you understand the CQM Body of Knowledge and prepare for the material on the test. The format provides the flexibility and convenience of working on course materials online.

This self-study program features everything you’ll need to prepare for the Certified Quality Manager (CQM) exam. It includes a pre- and post-test as well as a printable PDF download of the entire course which you can take into the CQM exam. Please note: no multiple choice formatted questions are admitted to the exam room.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the content covered by the seven main domains in the CQM Body of Knowledge.
  • Become familiar with questions similar to those within the IQS CQM exam.


Prior knowledge of quality or quality management is recommended as this course is designed as a review of the subject areas needed for the CQM exam.

Who Should Attend:

Quality managers or individuals looking to achieve their IQS Certification in Certified Quality Manager should attend this training.


Each certification candidate is required to pass a written examination that consists of multiple-choice questions that measure comprehension of the body of knowledge. The Quality Manager examination is a four-hour, two-part examination—150 multiple-choice questions and two constructed response (essay) questions. It is offered in the English language only. The multiple-choice portion of the exam is 3 hours 15 minutes; the constructed response portion is 45 minutes.