Certification NO: HC1013-19

Company Name: YMN Group – EYG Doha Trading 

Location: Gate 74, Street 10 , New Industrial Area, Doha – 55533, Qatar CR: 133773

Standard: HACCP Code:2003  Food Safety Program Incorporating the principles of HACCP


Printing and Manufacturing of Self-Adhesive Labels, Wet Glue Labels, Wrap Around Labels, Shrink Sleeve Labels , Printing and Manufacturing of Carton Packaging, Food Packaging, Cosmetics Packaging, Dairy Packaging ,Commercial Printing, POS Displays, and Graphic Design Services

Issue date:                               7/ Dec/ 2019

Surveillance Audit 1:            5/ Dec/ 2020

Surveillance Audit 2:            5/ Dec/ 2021

Expiry Date:                            1/ Dec/ 2022

YMN Group – EYG Doha Trading HC1013-19