Certification NO: HC902-19

Company Name: East Groupe Impex s.a.r.l

Location: Lebanon

Standard:  HACCP Code: 2003 

Scope: Canned Beans & Peas, DIPS:(chick-peas, eggplant), Jams , Pastes( tomato and crushed red pepper), Tahina (sesame paste), Halawa, Fluids (waters and vinegar),Syrups , Pickles , Molasses, Olives and oil, , Dried Beans , Turkish delights (Raha), Mixed thyme(Zaater), Falafel, salt , Ketchup Brand : Mehras Chtoura (Plough chtoura ), Al Mehras  (plough), Yellow Bee, Jersey east group impex, whinny couche, RF(Riva Foods), Al Mar’a, khayr Balady 

Issue date:                              29/ Jul/ 2019

Surveillance Audit 1:            29/ Jul/ 2020

Surveillance Audit 2:            29/ Jul/ 2021

Expiry Date:                            16/ Jul/ 2022

East Groupe Impex HC902-19