Certification NO: QC807-19

Company Name: HSE Company Ltd

Location:  Iraq 

Standard: ISO 9001:2015   Quality Management System

Scope : Environmental Scoping/Screening Reports, Environmental Impact Assessment Reporting, Social Impact Assessment Reporting, Environmental Management Plans for Construction and Operational Phases of Petroleum Activities, Environmental Site Management and Monitoring, Environmental Risk Assessments, Risk Management and Disaster Management Plan, SOUNDPLAN for noise modeling HAZOP; Waste Management Plans HSE due diligence and compliance audit, Verification and certification, HSE Education and Awareness Training 

Issue date:                         05/ Mar/ 2019

Surveillance Audit 1:        05/ Mar/ 2020

Surveillance Audit 2:       05/ Mar/ 2021

Expiry Date:                        25/ Feb/ 2022

Company Contact:

HSE Company QC807-19